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"The technicians were very professional and did a great job on our hood cleaning!"

Brenda Gonzales

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Setting The Standard For Hood Cleaning In Destin, FL

Destin, FL is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. They offer the best of golf, fishing and eating at some of the best restaurants around. People come to these cities to spend a week of vacation and we get to work there year-round. When they come to a restaurant, they want the very best in cleanliness as well as safety.

These restaurants are so busy, we clean many of them twice a month. We have been cleaning hoods locally for over 12 years. Through perseverance and dedication, we will strive to continue to be the best hood cleaning company on the white sandy beaches of this coast for many more years to come.

professional hood cleaning in destin fl

You guys did a GREAT job I was extremely pleased and would like you to do all the cleanings here from now on.

Clifton Owens

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Destin, FL’s Most Qualified Hood Cleaners

Certified Hood & Fire Specialists, Inc. bring a wide range of skills to better serve you. We have a fine reputation as a full service provider of nationwide cleaning / installation of restaurant kitchen exhaust systems, repairing exhaust and fire systems and any preventative maintenance in the restaurant industry.

We use the most current, up to date, innovative and cost effective methods. We provide estimates at no charge. See why we are Destin's, FL favorite hood cleaners. Get an instant estimate today.

hood before cleaning in destin fl

Our Methods Get Results

1. Check-In: We take the time to familiarize ourselves with you and your business. A subsequent walk through enables us to get a service report, listing the condition of all areas of your kitchen exhaust system and equipment under the exhaust hood.

2. Fan Cleaning: We clean all accessible areas of the duct and fan. First, we tilt the hinged bell on its side in order to have access to the duct. We scrape all build-up on fan blades as well as the interior of the duct. Next, we apply degreasers and high pressure to remove grease down to bare metal. Then, we service your grease containment system. We grease the bearings in the motor. Lastly, we check your fan belt and replace, if necessary.

3. Filter Cleaning: With the use of hot high pressure water and our specially formulated chemical, we can remove grease from within your filters. Regular maintenance of filters prevents grease build-up in your system and is the best fire prevention. We strongly recommend weekly cleaning of filters by your kitchen staff.

4. Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning: We take extra care to disconnect all electrical and cover all receptacles to protect them from water and chemicals. We cover and secure everything under the exhaust hood and apply the chemical. After sufficient soak time, we then pressure clean, check for any necessary hand scraping, apply additional chemical and rinse. After all plastic is removed, we reconnect any appliances, relight pilot lights, and polish the exterior of the hood. We do not leave any mess for your kitchen staff. We wipe down everything and mop our way out of the back door.

result of our proven hood cleaning method

"What an excellent job you did. The hoods look better than they have ever looked. Keep up the good work! Thanks!"

Mark Whittlesay

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