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Keep all vents clean and safe from grease build up.

Not Your Average Hood Cleaning Company.

Certified Hood & Fire Specialists, Inc. is your all in one provider of fire service prevention and maintenance. We use the very latest and most cost effective methods to keep your commercial kitchens and restaurants in line with the highest standards of fire prevention.

Biloxi MS and its surrounding cities are known for the Casino cities of the Gulf Coast. We have been cleaning exhaust hoods and performing fire suppression, extinguisher, sprinkler and alarm inspections for over 12 years at many of your favorite restaurants. We continue to provide the best of all fire protection services to all military and commercial kitchens on the gulf coast of MS. Get a free instant estimate today.

System inspections decrease chances for failure.

Don’t Put Your Kitchens At Risk

As an owner, the personal safety of your staff and customers is always a priority. That’s why fire prevention and suppression are so essential - especially in a commercial kitchen. We pride ourselves on our thorough inspections of fire suppression systems and rigorous testing of alarm devices.

 All our technicians are professionally trained and certified and adhere to strict Manufacturer and NFPA codes and standards. We are also a member of the National Fire Protection Association, which has jurisdiction not just over Biloxi, MS. but all commercials nationwide.

Our hood cleaning produces dramatic results.

"Your guys were very nice and did a great job cleaning up and that she was so pleased she was planning on calling us to let us know what a good job you did. Thanks!! "

Lenny's Sub

"What an excellent job you did. The hoods look better than they have ever looked. Keep up the good work! Thanks! "

Superior Residence

"You guys did a GREAT job I was extremely pleased and would like you to do all the cleanings here from now on. "

Florabama Rest & Bar

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